Friday, April 21, 2017

experimenting ....

I like the natural/rustic look - burlap, jute, etc. - I tried crocheting with jute twine - here's what I came up with - I like these .....

Did you know that jute has different dye lots - I didn't expect that - the upper pot took an entire ball of jute - it was supposed to be bigger - the second ball of jute was a very poor match and not a good contrast.  The bottom pot has the possibility of being turned into a hanging planter - I haven't decided if that's what I want to do with it - meanwhile I like it as it is.  The coaster started out as a placemat. 
The poinsettia is looking quite ratty but I've been nursing it along so that it can be planted at the cabin.  The geranium is one of five that wintered as stems only - once they were planted in soil and given some water they burst forth in leaf - they are awesome plants.

We've been going to the cabin a couple of times a week - this photo was taken a couple of days ago ...

 see how clear the water is  - it's always clear .....

she believed she could -
so she did

Thursday, April 13, 2017

can't think of a good title ....

This is the Easter card that I made for our sweet neighbour, K - she really liked it - denim blue is her favourite colour - I did remove the marks at the bottom before giving it to her - wasn't bright enough to do so before taking the photo.

We were at the cabin again this week and this shows you how much ice has disappeared - we were able to drive right in ....

The first butterfly of the season posed for the camera .....

It was a balmy 15C (59F)!  On the drive home a blue heron came up out of the ditch and flew alongside us for a short distance - it was quite exciting to see it flying so close.

I also played at 'Suzy Homemaker' this week .....

look at the size of these frog legs - it would be a hoot to show these to kiddies - they look like bare bottoms - and this is how they looked when they were cooked - they are delicious btw ....


and I made some 'Boursin' and tortilla chips/crackers - both are delicious

be kind whenever possible -
it's always possible 

Friday, April 7, 2017

out and about .....

On Wednesday my fella suggested we take a drive and a picnic lunch to Riding Mountain National Park which is about 60 kms. from here - it was a beautiful sunny day.   This year Canada is celebrating her 150th birthday on Canada Day, July 1; for the entire year there is free admission to all of the National Parks in the country!  This park is commonly referred to as Clear Lake with Clear Lake being the largest lake in the park and the coldest - it's spring fed and ice cold even at the height of summer - the townsite, Wasagaming, is on the shore of Clear Lake.  The park has several beautiful lakes and hiking trails, good fishing and lots of wildlife including bison and moose - it's truly a beautiful place.  I grew up about 150 kms south of the park - visited  a lot while growing up  -  it's where I went to summer camp - I have a lot of good memories of this park.  Interestingly, folks who live on the north side of the park refer to it as the mountain - the escarpment is a well defined rise when seen from the north - from the south it's a very gradual climb and the escarpment is not noticeable - the folks from the south side commonly refer to the park as Clear Lake.  These photos were taken in the townsite ....

The townsite is at the south end of the park and when we got to that point we decided to continue south and have a short visit with my aunt who lives in my hometown of Rivers.  Aunt Lou is petite - she's shoulder height to me - lives on her own - does her own cleaning - still wears make up - she is my late mom's only sister.  She's a hoot .... she mentioned while we were there, "I never thought I'd have anything wrong with me at this age"  - she'll be 85 in June.  lol

On Thursday we went to the cabin again - we wanted to see the open river - the white that you see is ice and not snow.

Recently I decided to dress-up my favourite old denim shirt with some flowers .....

he who laughs last, thinks slowest 

Monday, April 3, 2017

the cabin

We made two trips to the cabin this past weekend - it's so nice to be only an hour's drive away.  The snow is quickly disappearing - the wind that blew for 2 days in early March left behind some hefty snowbanks that have disappeared to the point that we had no problem walking in. We were hoping to see the ice go out but that happened overnight last night. 

Nigel the resident squirrel was on the deck to welcome us.....

We had a visit with cottage neighbour and good friend E - 
 discovered some pussy willows that were alongside the road that didn't require rubber boots to access them - 
 made me a happy camper ......

I've been sampling daffodil patterns ....

I like the size of the bottom one and the design of the one on the right -
 I'm working with the yarn that I have on hand.

i've seen it all done -
can't remember most of it

Saturday, March 25, 2017

bunnies and more ....

I wanted to share some bunnies with you - not dust bunnies although we have planty of those to share.  You'll see them - 2 of them - leaning up against the vase of flowers ... their ears will stand up straight but I like to have one bent over for character.  These are so quick and easy to crochet and have all sorts of uses - perhaps even as napkin rings.  I made mine from #4 yarn and a 3.5 mm hook - the bows are made from #3 yarn with the same hook.

The yellow flower is not a sunflower but a gerbera - at the time I had no black yarn on hand - now I do and I will make a few more in other colours - they'll look nice pinned onto a grapevine wreath with a few green leaves thrown in or with wire attached and standing in a jar/vase or ......

Since the crocheted flowers didn't quite fill the vase I added an African Flower topper (see this post for the link) - these are fun to make - this one is made with #3 yarn.  The coasters are made with cotton yarn - such yummy colours.  I needed a thread catcher so a tuna can with a crocheted cover was perfect (see this post for the link) - my fabric ones are still packed away -  the vacuum pusher had mentioned the loose threads that always seem to find their way to the floor.

Sometimes I link up with Annemarie

Too late I noticed a couple of typos in my last two posts and I apologize - hopefully there are none here.  

everyone has a photographic memory -
some don't have film 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

just hooking ...

I know, it's been awhile since I posted - no exuses.  March came in like a lion and hasn't quit roaring yet.  We have more snow now than we had all winter and just recently it's been topped with ice .... I'm very much feeling 'cooped up' since it's too icy to walk - to walk anywhere let alone to actually take a nice long walk.  To add insult to injury DST arrived - for the last 13 years we lived where DST was not observed and enjoyed it.  I've been tired all week and I blame the time change.  

We've been out to the cabin a few times but there is still too much snow to do anything there - with the March snowfall the snow that was ankle deep is now knee high.
I've been keeping myself busy and for a change from sharing unfinished stitched pieces here are a few of the things I've hooked and actually are finished .....

some facecloths, a soap saver, and can covers.   I was trying out different stitches and sizes for the facecloths - I like a seven inch square.  The blue can cover is actually hyacinth and pale green.  The can covers are quite simply a chain that fits snugly around the can and then whatever stitch(es) you want till it's high enough; for some great ideas and instructions have a look here - I love all the colour Lucy uses.  These are water chestnut cans and were the perfect size.  

I'd like to learn to make soap - that doesn't require lye.  A pretty bar of soap along with a pretty crocheted face cloth would make a nice gift to give although perhaps not to receive.

if you can't be kind .... be quiet

Sunday, March 5, 2017

something for spring ...

The prolonged spell of mild weather that ate away most of the snow had me thinking of spring.  So when I saw these cute embroidery designs I rummaged through my needlework box and came up with these threads and a piece of thin dropcloth - too thin to call it canvas - I wish I could find another dropcloth similar to this - it's thin and soft and makes up into wonderful things - I suspect it would be rather useless as an actual dropcloth.

I makd a hanging pocket from the design and on one of my regular walks I scrounged a few branches for it ...

I'll be linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching.

embrace simplicity .... celebrate imperfection

Friday, February 17, 2017

a cutie pie .....

We are having another taste of spring with very warm weather - the snow is melting and water is running in the streets - we're loving it!
And I actually have a finish to show you - not just the finished stitching but the actual finish - would that be a finish finish.  I wanted to get this posted before the end of the month so that you could grab the chart if you sew so wished - it's only up for the month - there is a new chart every month. 

Since I have only a few bits and pieces on hand for finishing I was  pleased with how this came together - another good lesson in minimalism - some spring decor for the barnboard tree - she's a cutie pie ... I think I'm in love.

it's today .... my favourite day

Sunday, February 12, 2017

love is in the air .....

We're having a mild day - it's +1C and sunny with a light wind - yes, I've been for a walk - there's still lots of ice which meant I had to take careful steps rather than take a brisk walk - I won't complain - it was nice to get out and stretch my legs.  

 Love is in the air ... well, that's misleading - no big romance to share with you  -  just seemed like a good  introduction.  For some February decor I crocheted a couple lid jar covers - I was going to make some in pink, too, but decided red was better since they could also be used for the Christmas season and I do like red and white.  Since I have to keep 'stuff' to a minimum I figured I might as well make things that are multi-purpose - just like the mouse.    All my hearts are packed away - that story is getting tiresome, right?   After years of having lots of room minimalism can be a challenge - I have to constantly remind myself that enough is enough.

 For the covers I used this pattern.  Since I don't have any white ribbon with me I used white butcher twine ... kinda looks like cording from a distance - faux cording.  The small jar has a button on the top and the big one has some rickrack gathered to form a flower of some sort ... making do with what is on hand.

 The doggie is felt with a design found here.  This pattern reminded me so much of Little Dog that I had to make it.  We still very much miss this little girl. 

she is everywhere, she is nowhere
but she is still here

love isn't what you say ...
love is what you do

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

horsing around .....

I made this card for a young woman who lives in our building and is a good neighbour.  She has impeccable manners, is respectful, a hard worker and a bit of a social butterfly.  She comes 'for tea' occasionally.  ^^   She loves horses so for her birthday Mr. Google helped me find a horse design to stitch for a card for her.  On the back side I added one of the little tags that I've stitched in abundance - seemed the appropriate spot for it.  She was so pleased with the card - it made my day.

We've had lots of sunshine recently and we're enjoying it - the downside is the cold wind with it.  Recently on a blog that I follow I read complaints about the negativity on social media, including blogs.  I've never had negative comments on my blog but daily I see the anger and unhappiness on FB - makes me wonder what's going on.

always choose kindness

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

African flower ......

Wow - the first of February - I didn't mind that January flew by - I'm enjoying the extra hours of daylight!
I was all set to whine about my difficulty trying to crochet a mobious wrap when suddenly the pattern worked out - go figure!  Instead, I'll show you an  African Flower that I recently crocheted with cotton yarn.  Since I have a lot of pincushions I made it into a lid cover. 

For the Celtic/Gaelic/Pagan celebration of February and the first awakenings of spring - Imbolc - this is a design by the Primitive Hare


if you listen to birds
every day will have a song in it

Friday, January 27, 2017

have you noticed ....

Have you noticed the dearth of sewing posts on my blog?  There's good reason for it .... I'm not doing any and yes I miss it, very much - I usually do most of my sewing in the winter.  In our tiny apt. there is no spot to set up the sewing machine and all the other paraphernalia required to cut and piece.  This also explains why I'm doing so much stitching and crocheting. 

Here's an appliqued wall hanging that I made many years ago - it resides at the cabin - it was my first attempt at hand applique and now I wish I had used thread that matched each object rather than one colour for all ..... hindsight and all that. 

♪♫♪ do you want to know a secret ♪♫♪ -  do you want to know one two  -  I've begun my sixth year of blogging - I celebrated my seventieth birthday last month - no one is more surprised than I.   

the biggest risk is the one not taken

Friday, January 20, 2017

butterflies, bunnies and toques ...

We're having the most wonderful weather this week - warm, very little wind and lots of sunshine ... best part is that the temps. have been anywhere from 2C to 7C (36F-46F)!!!!!
I've been going for 2 or 3 walks each day and how wonderful it's been to shed the hat and gloves!  On the weekend we  took a drive out to the cabin .... oh my, it's so pristeen and quiet there - there were a few critter tracks in our yard and the chickadees welcomed us  .... I wanted to stay.  On the downside  I think the mild weather has addled my brain - I've been a day out all week ... I thought Tuesday was Wednesday, Wednesday was Thursday, etc. I think I'm finally on track today. 

Here's what I'm doing to keep my fingers busy ......

A design  from The Primitive Hare.

A poor photo of the hat, beanie, toque I'm crocheting using
a pattern from here.

serenity at the cabin 

the only difference between a good day and a bad day
is your attitude

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th ....

Today is Friday the 13th - I always consider it a lucky day -  I was born on a Friday the 13th.  
 January is moving right along and that's unusual - after the hustle and bustle of December it usually drags by.  January weather has been a mixed bag - some snow, some wind, some cold days, some mild days - no long periods of any of it.
  This is my latest project and they are inserts for wooden coasters.  The coasters themselves are in storage so I won't be trying these out until spring and I'm hoping that I correctly remembered the measurement - if not I'll find another use for them.  The leaf design is by Durene Jones in WOC and I used DMC variegated threads.

We had decided to celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new with a bottle of bubbly when reality hit  - all our stemware is in storage (along with most of our belongings).  We have some standards (haha) and weren't about to drink bubbly in a juice glass so on the way home we stopped at my favourite thrift store and luckily they had two - only two -  champagne flutes - nice ones - they were a steal of a deal at fifty cents each.  My fella noted that all the other stemware was ten cents each and wondered why these were 'so expensive'.  lol

the best thing about the future is that
it comes one day at a time

Monday, January 9, 2017

a decision .....

As the anniversary of my blog approaches I've been pondering whether or not to continue.  I don't like a lot of the changes that Blogger has made.  Many bloggers have disappeared - have they moved to another platform, taken ill or worse?  Every day there are more blogs on which I am unable to leave a comment - I feel like I'm lurking.  'No reply' comments are becoming more frequent - I feel impolite when I don't reply.  Blogger has decided that some comments shouldn't be sent to my inbox - this apparently depends on what email service the commenters use.  The 'social' aspect seems to have disappeared.   Sometimes blog posts, mine included, are more like show and tell, a 'look what I made' - I'm uncomfortable with that. I don't like the blogs that are always trying to sell me something - most of these I have discontinued following or reading.

 I have decided I will play it by ear and continue blogging for now.   Please do not feel obligated to leave a comment - if you read my blog I am content with that.  Sometimes it's difficult to know what to comment on a post - I've been there, done that. 

And since I know that there has to be an enticing/interesting photo posted to attract one's attention, I'll share these polar bears that I made ages ago ......

 live life to express - not impress